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Boarding Rates

One dog $25 / day

Two dogs in the same run $40 / day

Three dogs in the same run $40 / day

Medications additional – $5 / day

Please note that we charge for each calendar day your pet is with us regardless of what time they arrive or depart. 


1) One dog arrives on Saturday and departs the next day, Sunday, the charged is for two day, $50.00

2) Two dogs sharing a single run arrive on Sat and go home the next day, Sunday, the charge is $80.00.

Reason we charge for each calendar day rather than each night.

We charge for each calendar day your pet is with us, because we are responsible for your pet the second they come thru the door – very much like a child day care center. We feed, water, walk and play with your pet every day they are here.  After departing, we still need to take care of cleaning up their run, bowls, and bedding.  All of this takes time and it is our devotion to your pet to keep him or her happy and healthy. And thus, that is why we charge for each day.


As per PA state law, we only require RABIES vaccination.  We believe in the findings of significant amounts of research stating pet owners are over vaccinating.  The result of over vaccination causes the pet to experience more health issues overall.  We have been titer testing for our personal dogs for many, many years and consistently find proper levels of anti-bodies without re-vaccination.  By not over-vaccinating our dogs, we believe they live longer, healthier, and happier lives.

Below are links to several top resources on the matter.  As well, please feel free to ask Barb about this subject for more personal opinions on the matter.

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