570-833-2000 Call to Schedule a Reservation! barb@mehoopanypetlodge.com

We live on premises, for your peace of mind!

We welcome and encourage tours of our facility.
Appointments and Reservations are required.

CALL TODAY: 570-833-2000

Bedding – blanket, small doggie bed (bedding must be small enough to be laundered, PLEASE NO STUFFED BEDS OF ANY KIND, something that your dog won’t chew up)

Old T-Shirt – or article of clothing with owner’s scent (especially helpful if this is a first time stay at our kennel)

Toys – chew toys, kongs with peanut butter

Treats, Food – we encourage you to bring their food so there is no change in diet.  It is better for your pet.  We can provide food at additional cost per day

Immunization Record – Rabies by PA State Law, Core Puppy Vaccinations, We do not require Bordatella.

Medication – we can administer medications.  We require specific written instructions along with the name of the medication.  There is an extra charge for medications due to the additional responsibility.

Food and water dishes are not necessary.  We provide stainless steel sanitized eating and drinking dishes.

Bring anything else you may think will make your pet feel at home during their stay!

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